Background Checks for Employers

Often employers decide to use background checking as a means of ensuring they employee people suitable for the job, as well as having a good morality in their personal life.

How can GK help your business?

GK does not offer background checks as a service but we would recommend seeking a private detective who can provide employers with a background check service to guarantee employment certainty. Get in touch.

As an employer, you would like to trust your employees without questioning it. However, as many individuals are now producing fake CVā€™s with misleading history an employer can hire the wrong person for a job role.

Having a background check on your employees can mean you are guaranteed the right person for every role ā€“ and you will be more likely to trust them if they provide reliable and honest answers. We recommend an expert team in the heart of London, See: Private Detective London.

What is revealed with background checks?

  • Address of employee & previous addresses
  • Family background
  • Unclosed debt
  • Criminal history
  • Previous marriages, divorces and relationships
  • Employment background
  • Academic history
  • Phone numbers ā€“ landline and mobile

If requested, detectives can also uncover a range of other information such as online history to vehicle check.

They check their past behaviour and inform you, leading to predictions of their future behaviour within your work environment.

The importance of background checks

Many have helped clients discover information that would not have been thought of, such as, undisclosed gambling debts, formal and current relationships with financial implications, bankruptcies, fake nationalities and driving offences. Read more.

Background checks can be generated on an international level ā€“ as Private Detectives London are much more advanced compared to other private detective companies as we create a verification system to produce results and generate facts as soon as possible.